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Find a Flow State: A Guide to Yoga Loft Tucson's Class Intensity Levels

Yoga isn't just a movement practice; it’s a great way to calm the fluctuations of the mind by tapping into a flow state. A flow state is a mental state characterized by having intense focus, and heightened concentration. You might have heard of it as “being in the zone!” A flow state in a yoga class typically happens when the challenges of a practice are matched with an individual’s skillset and needs. When you choose a class that matches your needs, it can help you feel grounded and find equanimity.  


At Yoga Loft Tucson, we offer a range of yoga classes designed to meet you where you’re at. From gentle flows to dynamic sequences, each class is designed to support your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Let's explore the natural progression of intensity levels, starting from the gentlest to the most challenging classes.


1.        Slow Flow: For those seeking a gentle yoga class, Slow Flow is the perfect starting point. In this class, postures are held for longer durations with an emphasis on tapping into a meditative state.


Slow Flow is ideal for beginners, individuals recovering from injuries, or anyone wanting to increase their flexibility and mobility.


2.        Flow or Rise + Shine: When you’re ready to learn the foundational aspects of a vinyasa yoga practice, Flow and Rise + Shine are the perfect starting points!


Flow is our signature class and is the heart of our studio’s offerings. This class offers a fluid sequence of postures that synchronize movement with breath, often resulting in a moving meditation, and is great if your goal is to find a flow state.


A yoga teacher assisting a student in Warrior 2 pose at Yoga Loft Tucson.
You'll learn foundational poses like Warrior 2 in our Flow and Rise + Shine vinyasa yoga classes.

Rise + Shine is every weekday morning from 7:30-8:30 am and are the perfect way to start your day! These all-level vinyasa classes offer a well-rounded approach to the practice. They offer the same foundational practices as Flow but will offer more options to increase the intensity level of your practice.


These classes are great for every level of practitioner wanting to flow seamlessly from one posture to another.



3.        Dynamic Flow or Radiant Flow: For those looking for a challenge, you’ll find your edge in Dynamic Flow or Radiant Flow classes. These classes incorporate creative sequencing, and a more technical approach to asana (the poses) to help you build strength, increase flexibility and mobility, and explore the more philosophical aspects of the yoga practice.  


Dynamic Flow may include arm balances, inversions, and transitions that require focus and determination. You’ll work up a sweat in this class!


In Radiant Flow you’ll find optional emphasis into the more spiritual aspect of the practice. These devotional classes are inspired by Bhakti Yoga, which is the yoga of love and devotion. You’ll have the same opportunity to work up a sweat in this class as Dynamic Flow, but you’ll also learn a practical approach to traditional yogic texts and philosophy.


While both classes may be challenging, they both offer opportunities to find your strength in a supportive and fun environment.


A group yoga class in Tucson Arizona where everyone is in a supportive side plank pose.
Our yoga studio in Tucson, Arizona is a place where you can find your flow state.

At Yoga Loft Tucson, we believe that yoga is for every body. We want to empower you to pick a class that matches your goals and physical needs, so you can find that optimal flow state. By starting with gentle practices like Slow Flow and progressing to more challenging classes like Dynamic Flow or Radiant Flow, you can cultivate a sustainable, life-long, yoga practice.

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